(Published July 2015) | Useful to Parent Centers in SSIP work and in promoting effective communication for stakeholder engagement.

To date, 39 states have implemented quality rating and improvement systems (QRIS) to rate and improve child care and early education programs for children birth to age five. The success of a state QRIS depends on effective outreach and engagement with a range of stakeholders.

This report, Elevating Quality Rating and Improvement System Communications: How to Improve Outreach to and Engagement with Providers, Parents, Policymakers, and the Public, provides examples of what some states are doing to market their QRIS and provides recommendations for other states. Its purpose is to provide a QRIS communications framework and examples that can be used to support and improve communications with providers, parents, partners, policymakers, and the public.

Find the report here: http://www.childtrends.org/?publications=elevating-quality-rating-and-improvement-system-communications-how-to-improve-outreach-to-and-engagement-with-providers-parents-policymakers-and-the-public