(2019) This resource from the Technical Assistance Center on Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports answers this main question, pointing out that:

  • interventions connecting families and schools are essential to valued youth behavioral and mental health outcomes;
  • including families’ perspectives, values, and voices in the development and implementation of a PBIS system makes the school responsive to the needs of students and families;
  • intentional efforts to engage and partner with families also shows they are valued as equal partners in the work of educating students; and
  • asking families their preferences for how they want to communicate and collaborate with educators ensures a better use of limited resources.

The article is written more for schools to consult than families, although families can learn how valuable their involvement is and what forms it can take. The article describes the foundational elements of involving families in the PBIS system, explains the family-school collection throughout the three-tiered system of support, and provides several tools for assessing family engagement efforts. The article concludes with a section called Getting Started with Families.