(2016) | Useful to Parent Centers, families, youth with disabilities, and educators working with students with disabilities who could benefit from using assistive technology.

This 7-page guide offers steps for families to take with their teens and young adults to get them involved in the process of exploring assistive technology (AT). When youth take an active role in choosing their own AT tools, they are more likely to find things that will work well for their individual needs. Steps discussed include:

  • understanding self-advocacy,
  • incorporating AT into an IEP or 504 plan,
  • finding ways to try out different tools, and
  • evaluating the impact of AT.

The guide is a product of the Center on Technology and Disability (CTD) and the PACER Center.

Access the Getting Started guide at:

See also the 4-page tip sheet called Involving Teens and Young Adults in Selecting Assistive Technology at:

* HIGHLY RATED RESOURCE *  This resource was reviewed by 3-member panels of Parent Center staff working independently from one another to rate the quality, accuracy, impartiality, relevance, and usefulness of CPIR resources. This resource was found to be of “High Quality, Accuracy, Impartiality, Relevance, and Usefulness” to Parent Centers.