(2019, June) | Useful to: Parent Centers and others working with families who have a family member or friend with intellectual or developmental disabilities.

The complete title of this resource from the National Council on Disabilities is Turning Rights Into Reality: How Guardianship and Alternatives Impact the Autonomy of People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. It’s a bit of a whopper–111 pages in all–but it’s authoritative and submitted to the President and Congress as part of the Council’s independent advisory role. Here’s an overview of the topics it addresses, chapter by chapter:

Introduction to ID/DD, guardianship, and alternatives

School-to-guardianship pipeline for youth with disabilities

Treatment of people with ID/DD under state guardianship law

U.S. trends in guardianship and alternatives

Indepth look at these issues in the District of Columbia

Other stakeholder experiences

Findings and recommendations

Access Turning Rights into Reality at:

Note | This report follows up on last year’s Beyond Guardianship: Toward Alternatives That Promote Greater Self-Determination for People with Disabilities, also available from the Council. CPIR summarizes that report at: