Useful to: Parent Centers for sharing with community members, especially families who have a member testing positive for COVID-19.

How to Tell Someone You Have COVID: 5 Tips to Follow is a timely article that clearly corresponds to today’s reality that any one of us may become infected with the coronavirus. What, then? The virus has been well documented as being highly communicable  from one person to another, largely through the air and droplets of saliva or mucus that the infected person expels, such as when they sneeze, cough, or talk without a mask in close promixity to others. This means that anyone in close proximity to the infected person can contract the virus and then spread it as well.

So it is very important that individuals who have tested positive for the coronavirus inform all those people with whom they’ve been in close contact. But that is a very difficult and awkward task. This article gives us all 5 tips for we might tell the ones in our surroundings that we have been infected and may have communicated the virus to them and that they, too, should be tested and take all recommended actions to protect those around them from being infected as well as to prevent the virus’ further spread.

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