(Published 2015) |  Useful to Parent Centers when working with youth and families who are exploring internships and employment

Public and private employers of all sizes can reference this guide to learn about the benefits associated with facilitating inclusive internship programs as well as the components to consider when designing, implementing, and evaluating these programs.

The guide features information and resources employers can use when promoting inclusion in their business, organization, or agency. For example, having flexible work schedules allows more students and recent graduates of all backgrounds to participate in the internship program and bring their skills and perspectives to the job. The guide also details how managing accommodations for interns with disabilities increases their overall productivity and benefits both parties.

Ensuring that internship programs are accessible for all youth, including youth with disabilities, is a major step towards building an inclusive workplace.

Find the guide here: http://www.dol.gov/odep/pdf/InclusiveInternshipPrograms.pdf