(2023, January) | Useful to: Parents and IEP teams making decisions about what accommodations a student with disabilities needs


Many students with disabilities use accessibility features and accommodations during instruction and when taking assessments. It is important to consider student perceptions about what works and their preferences when making accessibility and accommodations decisions. Students are often the best source of information about their strengths and needs, and what helps. They have opinions about which accessibility features and accommodations are helpful, as well as whether they like certain tools and would use them.

Decisions are made by IEP teams and are documented in the student’s IEP. Accommodation decisions made by the team, which may include the student, should be based on the student’s needs, policies, data, and perceptions.

This 6-page National Center on Educational Outcomes (NCEO) brief shares strategies for getting students’ perceptions on accommodations and involving them in advocating for their needs.

The brief is available at: