(2012) | Useful to Parent Centers working with youth in transition who need support in learning life skills.

The Life Skills Manual is an evidence-based curriculum that provides the content and resources needed to teach life skills to individuals who need assistance in this area. The curriculum is designed to be implemented in 6 group sessions, with an individual workbook to help consumers individualize the group content at their own pace. Facilitator’s guides are provided for every group and individual activity. Numerous handouts allow for uniformity and application. The entire curriculum is meant to be adaptable to a wide range of settings. Service providers can adjust the pace and intensity of the material as they see fit for a particular population.

Modules focus on:

  • food and nutrition management;
  • home and self-care;
  • money management; and
  • safe community participation.

The content was created in partnership with individuals who were trying to live independently in the community, individuals who were homeless, service delivery workers from a range of disciplines that work with individuals for whom life skills are challenging, peer leaders, peer recovery specialists, and various consultants in order to create an effective, feasible, and age-appropriate curriculum.

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