(2021, July) | Useful for Parent Centers and others to share with families

The title of this informative article is “There are Many Different Types of Mental Health Practitioners—Here’s What Each of Them Does.” The field of mental health care can be confusing, full of acronyms and varying roles. This glossary explains what each type of mental health practitioner does, what educational degrees they typically must have, and their licensing/credentialing. The article will help individuals seeking assistance determine which type of practitioner best addresses their area of need.

The 10 types of practitioners discussed in the glossary are:

  • Psychologists
  • Counselors, clinicians, and therapists
  • Clinical social workers
  • Social workers
  • Psychiatrists
  • Psychiatric/mental health nurse practitioners
  • Psychiatric pharmacists
  • Primary care physicians
  • Family nurse practitioners
  • Certified peer specialists

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