(2016) | Useful to Parent Centers in staff training and to support outreach to local Native American communities.
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This resource actually has several parts and can be considered a package that Parent Centers can use to build their own cultural knowledge about Native communities, provide professional learning to staff, and keep in mind as they engage Native communities in their locale. Produced by the Native American Parent Technical Assistance Center (NAPTAC), the package consists of:

Webinar | 55 minutes, held for Parent Centers on June 16, 2016
Presenter: Robin Butterfield
Topics covered in the webinar include: pre-contact tribal education, early non-Native education, institutionalizing Native education, the era of boarding schools, scars from the boarding school era, key historical reports, changes in the  use of federal funds for AI/AN education, and implications for staff: What needs to happen now?

Participant Bingo Card | Parent Centers can use this activity to spark discussion and provide self-assessment of how much participants know about Native communities historically.  The Bingo Card is available in PDF and as a Word document, which allows Parent Centers/trainers to modify the items in the activity.  Bingo Card in PDF | Bingo Card as a Word doc

Bingo Answer Sheet | The answers to the Bingo activity, as originally written!
Answer Sheet in PDF | Answer Sheet in Word

Presentation Slides | The slides used in the webinar, available in PDF and as the original PowerPoint. Slides of the Presentation in PDF | Slides of the Presentation in PowerPoint

NAPTAC ArticleWhat Parent Centers Need to Know: Historical Perspectives for Working with Native American Parents is 4 pages long and can be shared during staff meetings, with families and other service providers, and used for personal learning.