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This Spanish Glossary Project product would not have been possible, without the commitment to authentic collaboration and consensus-building and the dedication to Spanish-speaking families demonstrated by the members of the Review Panel.  These representatives from 17 Parent Centers serve families with children with disabilities who are from more than forty (40) Spanish-speaking countries.  The members spent numerous hours at meetings and on conferences calls struggling together to ensure that this Glossary would be a high quality document that would meet the needs of Parent Centers and others seeking to inform and engage a diversity of Spanish speakers in improving the outcomes for infants, toddlers, children and youth with disabilities.  The project would like to acknowledge and thank each of the Parent Centers and the team members listed below.
Myriam Alizo (I, II, and III)
Assistant Project Director, Center for Parent Information and Resource (CPIR)
SPAN Parent Advocacy Network (NJ)
Email: malizo@spanadvocacy.org
Luz Adriana Martinez (I and II)
Asst. Program Dir./Parent Education Coord.
Specialized Technical Assistance to Military Parents (STOMP)
Email: amartinez@wapave.org
Zaylimar Bocanegra (I and II)
Latino Outreach Coordinator
The Parents’ Place of Maryland
Email: zayli@ppmd.org
Patricia Maycott (I and II)
Executive Assistante – Multicultural Specialist
PEAK Parent Center (CO)
Region 5 Parent Technical Assistance Ctr.
Email: pmaycott@peakparent.org
Lauren Bustos-Alban (I and II)
Advocacy and Training Coordinator
Parent to Parent of Miami, Inc.
Email: lbustos-alban@ptopmiami.org
Yolanda McAlpine (I)
Bilingual Advocate/Training Coordinator
Team of Advocates for Special Kids
Email: yolandamcalpine@hotmail.com
Celia Galán (III)
Excutive Director
Email: celia@apnipr.org
Kevin L. Perez Rodriguez (I and II)
Assitant Director
Discapacitados abriendose caminos
Email: kp.discapacitados@qwestoffice.net
Marlena Garcia (I, II, and III)
Program Director
ParentsCAN (CA)
Email: marlenag@parentscan.org
Maria A. Pijem (I and III)
PTI Trainer
Email: mariela@apnipr.org
Marilyn Gutierrez (I and II)
Information Specialist
Federation for Children with Special Needs (MA)
Email: marilyng@fcsn.org
Godfrey Rivera (I and II)
Metropolitan Parent Center of Sinergia, Inc.
Email: grivera@sinergiany.org
Luz Hernandez (I, II, and III)
Executive Director
Philadelphia Hune, Inc.
Email: lhernandez@huneinc.org
Lourdes Rivera-Putz (I, II, and III)
Executive Director
United We Stand of New York
Email: uwsofny@aol.com
Debra Jennings (I and II)
Co-Executive Director
Statewide Parent Advocacy Network (NJ)
Email: debra.jennings@spanadvocacy.org
Mercedes Rosa (I)
Project Director
Statewide Parent Advocacy Network (NJ)
Email: mercedesrosa1@yahoo.com
Carolyn Hayer (III)
Project Director, Center for Parent Information and Resources (CPIR)
SPAN Parent Advocacy Network (NJ)
Jesus Villaseñor (I, II, and III)
Parent Advocate
PACER Center (MN)
Email: JVillasenor@Pacer.org
Louis Luna (I and II)
Parents Reaching Out (NM)
Email: lunalouis@aol.com
Nelsinia Ramos Wroblewski (I, II, and III)
Multicultural Consultant
Region 4 Parent Technical Assistance Ct.
Email: nwroblewski@wifacets.org
Myrna Martin (III)
Bilingual Parent Advisor
Email: mmartin@peakparent.org/td>
Sayuri Tanabe (I)
Administrator/Event Coordinator
Fiesta Educativa Inc. (CA)
Email: stanabe@fiestaeducativa.org
Carmen M. Sánchez (I, II, and III)
Education Program Specialist
US Department of Education
Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services
Email: carmen.sanchez@ed.gov

Participants denoted as “I” participated as Panel Members in the 1st Edition.

Participants denoted as “II” participated as Panel Members in the 2nd Edition.
Participants denoted as “III” participated as Panel Members in the 3rd Edition.Carmen Sanchez
U.S. Department of Education
Office of Special Education Programs
Washington, DC