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You’ve come to this page from the main page of CPIR’s Resource Collection on Positive Behavior Supports (PBS), Functional Behavioral Assessment, Behavior Intervention Plans, and Discipline. Here, you’ll find a description of:

  • how the resource collection was developed;
  • the review process and results;
  • the Review Team.


How was the Collection Developed?

Parent Center product advisors and reviewers identified resources on PBS, functional behavioral assessment, behavior intervention plans, and IDEA’s discipline rules and pooled their results—more than 110 resources. This was the initial “to be reviewed” collection of possibilities.

Before review began | Two screening tools were developed with an ad hoc group of Regional Parent TA Centers (RPTACs) and the Center for Parent Information and Resources (CPIR), to enable reviewers to have a tool that would provide consistency and guidance as they screened the resources and products.

  • The first tool was developed to quickly cull out the resources that didn’t “make the grade.”
  • The second tool enabled the reviewer to dig deeper into each resource to determine if it was of sufficient quality, relevance, and usefulness to be used by Parent Centers.

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The Review Process and Results

A training was developed and administered on how to use the two screening tools. Feedback was gathered (and will continue to be gathered) on how useful the tools are in providing Parent Center reviewers with a method to screen resources in a consistent manner.

Results of the review | 45 resources emerged from the review process as rated to be of high quality, highly relevant, and highly useful to Parent Centers. Those are the resources that comprise the collection you find here. The Center for Parent Information and Resources (CPIR) is very pleased to produce it online and host the collection.

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The Review Team

This initiative was coordinated by NE-PACT, the Region 1 Parent Technical Assistance Center, in collaboration with NH Parent Information Center, with reviewers coming from Parent Centers all around the country. We are humbled and most appreciative of the dedication and generosity of each and every one of you, and are proud to share your names and affiliations below:


First and foremost, we would like to thank the individuals who coordinated this huge undertaking. Your timeliness and commitment are especially appreciated.

Diana MTK Autin, Esq., Co-Project Director of NE-PACT, the Region 1 PTAC

Carolyn Hayer, Co-Project Director of NE-PACT, the Region 1 PTAC


To each one of you, CPIR sends a long and loud round of applause and says, “Take a bow!” You’ve embodied what “user-centered and user-driven” means and achieves.

Karen Price | Vermont Family Network | Region 1 PTI

Ann Smith, ED | AFCAMP | Region 1 CPRC

Gaile Osborne | FIRST Parent Center | Region 2 CPRC

Marbella Caceres |  Ohio Coalition for the Education of Children with Disabilities | Region 4 PTI

Marlena Garcia, ED | ParentsCAN | Region 6 CPRC

Ginger Kwan, ED | Open Doors for Multicultural Families | Region 6 CPRC

Andrea Bridges | The BRANCH | Military Parent TA Center


Last but certainly not least, this thank-you goes out to the individual who moved the pile of 110+ “possible” resources and the ratings of the review team to this curated list of 45 top resources on PBS and the discipline of students with disabilities:

Bonnie Dunham Parent Information Center of New Hampshire

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