(Published annually) |  Useful to Parent Centers seeking data and perspectives on the current state of U.S. education and state efforts to improve public education.

Quality Counts is Education Week’s annual report on state-level efforts to improve public education. Of late, the report has been issued in 3 installments across the year. The first installment of Quality Counts 2019 is subtitled “Chance for Success” and focuses on discussing the question: Which states do best job in assuring bright prospects for success over the course of a lifetime? Included in this installment are:

  • State Grades on Chance for Success: 2019 Map and Rankings
  • State Highlights Reports

2019’s second installment will be focused on School Finance” and is expected in June of 2019. The third installment (“Grading the States”) is expected in September 2019.

On EdWeek’s website (at the link below), you can access the first installment of Quality Counts 2019, as well as find full reports over the years since 1997.