(2016, October) | Useful to Parent Centers in conducting effective outreach and providing culturally aware services to Hispanic families.

This guide, subtitled A Research-Informed Communication Guide for Nonprofits, Policymakers, and Funders, is designed to help service providers and educators build communication strategies to more easily and effectively reach out to Latino children and families. The guide is based on current scholarly research, focus groups with Latino parents, and the ground-level experiences of community-based nonprofit organizations serving diverse Hispanic communities.

The guide includes a research-based communication framework and a step-by-step discussion of the framework’s components, which Parent Centers can use  to build and implement their own communication plan for effectively engaging with and serving Hispanic families. The guide concludes with recommendations for “Optimizing Websites to Reach and Engage Hispanic Families.”

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The guide is a product of the Crimsonbridge Foundation and Child Trends.