(2020, April 21) | Useful to Parent Centers assisting families and educators during the coronavirus pandemic

As schools turn to virtual teaching and learning, the disparity between some students and their ability to continue learning at home has grown. Not every student has internet access, let alone a computer. And, in some places, like rural Alaska, teachers may not have access to the internet. This article on We Are Teachers discusses several ways to stay connected with all students.

While some of the suggestions are teacher-dependent, others require changes at the district level. The key is to track student data and engagement and test different tactics. Find ways where resources might be reallocated to ensure that all students have equal access to quality education, a right that every student deserves. Among the suggestions are:

  • Change expectations and assignments
  • Opt for feedback, not grades
  • Schedule deliveries and pick-ups
  • Check out available locations for hotspots for the community to use
  • Get feedback from students and parents

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