(August, 2017) | Also available in Spanish. Useful to Parent Centers and families in building their knowledge about school vouchers and what they mean.

Many states offer school voucher programs as a way to give parents choices in what school their child attends. Parents receive funds to use toward the cost of private school, which almost always falls short of the cost of a private school. Parents have to pay the difference between the voucher amount and the school’s tuition. Be aware that not all states allow vouchers to be used at schools affiliated with a religion, however. In some cases, they may also be used for homeschooling.

If you have a child with learning and thinking differences, you may wonder if your child could benefit. This article from understood.org describes:

  • the three different kinds of vouches available,
  • how many states offer vouchers and how their rules vary,
  • who is typically eligible, and
  • the intersection of vouchers and special education.

Access the English article at:

Access the Spanish article, Cupones escolares: Lo que necesita saber, at:


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