(May 2023)

Useful to Parent Centers working with families of babies and young children. Great for sharing!

When parents talk, read, and sing with their children in sensitive, loving, and responsive ways, they build their children’s brain and help them develop the social-emotional skills they need to succeed in school and life. Research shows that a strong social and emotional foundation in early childhood powerfully impacts children’s later positive attitudes and behaviors, their academic performance, career path, and adult health outcomes.

The website Talking is Teaching offers a multitude of resources to help parents foster healthy social and emotional development in young children. New in 2017 is Small Children Have Big Feelings, which includes articles, tip sheets for parents, and videos illustrating what’s being discussed. The package is available in English and Spanish.

Access the Small Children Have Big Feelings package in English at:

Access the Small Children Have Big Feelings package in Spanish at:

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