(2018, August) Useful to Parent Centers and other stakeholders in supporting the involvement of parents of young children in early childhood programs and decision-making teams.

2 parents sit on the floor and play blocks with their young children.Supporting families to participate in decision making at the programmatic and policy level is addressed by the DEC Recommended Practices (Family Practice 10), as well as the federal policy statement on family engagement in the early childhood years.

This video series from the ECTA Center highlights strategies, practices, and approaches for effectively preparing and supporting new, or emerging, family leaders to engage in systems-level advocacy and decision making. (ECTA staff are also available to provide technical assistance to help Part C and Part B 619 staff identify strategies for individualizing leadership supports for families of young children.) The videos are a series of conversations with family leaders. There are 4 videos in all:

What may keep families from getting involved in leadership?

Conversation with family leader Sherri Britt Williams (10 minutes)

Conversation with family leader Mike Adams (10+ minutes)

What can programs do to support families with taking on leadership roles?

Conversation with Keena McCurn (7 minutes)

Conversation with Kelly Meissner (10+ minutes)

Access all of these videos, as well as many useful additional resources, at:

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