(2018, September, Updated May 2023) | Useful to Parent Centers for sharing with families to support the literacy development of their children.

The National Center on Improving Literacy (NCIL) has developed an online tutorial for families who want to learn more about supporting their child’s literacy development at home. The tutorial provides evidence-based strategies, tips, and activities to help children develop literacy skills from preschool through adolescence, all in an interactive online experience.

As parents enter the tutorial, they select the age group of their child (preschool, elementary, adolescent) and the content that is then presented is tailored to that age group. The information and suggestions given are accompanied by short video clips illustrate the suggestions given (e.g., how talking with your child can help to develop his or her language and literacy skills), so that parents can see how the strategies look and sound in action. In addition to the tutorial, the link below connects you with a transcript of the module (PDF, 390 KB) and an audio recording of the module in MP4 format (112 MB).

Access the tutorial, the transcript, and the audio recording, at: