(Available in English and Spanish) | Useful to Parent Centers, other community groups, and families of adolescent children with and without disabilities


When it comes to sex and our children (and ourselves), it’s important to have boundaries and hold to them. This article from the Child Mind Institute will help parents and other involved adults as they consider how to address the issue of sex and their adolescent children:

  • What does it mean to get consent from someone before having sex?
  • Why is it important to teach teenagers about getting consent?
  • Why does consent have to be verbal, and not just acting as if you want to have sex?

The article is divided into the following subsections: Talk about pressure, Substance use and consent, Verbal consent, Non-verbal consent, What isn’t consent, Checking in with yourself, Talking to boys, and Call for back-up.

Find the article online at:

In English: https://childmind.org/article/how-talk-kids-sex-consent-boundaries/

In Spanish (Cómo hablar con sus hijos acerca de sexo y de consentimiento):