(2019, January) | Available in English and Spanish (via subtitles) | Fantastic for sharing with parents, especially those new to IEP meetings and the writing of their child’s IEP

This 13-minute video from understood.org is directed at parents who are getting ready for an IEP meeting. As understood.org puts it, “Are you getting ready for an IEP meeting? Are you nervous or wondering what to expect? You’re not alone.”

The video captures the conversation between two parents (one a former teacher), both of whom are “veterans” of many IEP team meetings. They candidly talk about what they wish they’d known before the meetings. Eight nuggets of guidance emerge during their conversation.

Video in English | https://www.understood.org/articles/en/video-8-insider-tips-on-navigating-iep-meetings

Video with subtitles in SpanishVideo: 8 sugerencias para prepararse para las reuniones del IEP
To turn on closed captioning with subtitles in Spanish, start the video, then click the CC button at the bottom right and select Spanish.

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Additional Resource to Note

Understood.org also offers Why We Cry at IEP Meetings, a podcast accompanied by a transcript and described as follows:

“Anyone who’s ever sat in on an IEP meeting can confirm: When parents and teachers meet to discuss the needs of a child who’s struggling in school, emotions tend to run high.

On this first episode of In It, hosts Amanda Morin and Lexi Walters Wright dig into why. They talk with comedian Dena Blizzard about her (very) public reaction to a disappointing IEP meeting. They also connect with expert Mark Griffin, Ph.D., about what’s at stake during these meetings.

Plus, we hear from other families who’ve cried out of frustration and relief. And Amanda shares why all IEP meeting tables should be round.”

Access the podcast (and find additional related materials) at:


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