(2020, May) | Useful to Parent Centers and others creating videos and captioning them for accessibility.

This webinar was hosted by the AEM Center (National Center on Accessible Educational Materials) on May 18, 2020. Its full title is: 1-2-3 Captions: Workflows for Creating Accessible Video.

The 1-hour webinar (archived now) focuses on three workflows for creating videos that are captioned for accessibility:

  • editing the automatic YouTube captions,
  • uploading a transcript and using YouTube to add the timing, or
  • creating the captions using the free CADET tool from WGBH.

The focus is on the “how-to” of captioning. As preparation for watching the webinar, the AEM Center suggested that attendees take a few minutes to read the Teaching with Accessible Video section of its website.

View the webinar at:

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