Person riding a bike very fastAdventures in Results-Driven Accountability

A webinar for the Parent Center Network


Webinar Date:  
June 17, 2014

Center for Parent Information and Resources
Lisa Küpper, CPIR
Barb Buswell, Region 5 PTAC
Jan Serak, Region 4 PTAC

PowerPoint Presentation for the Webinar:

Adventures in RDA [PPT, 1 MB]

Handouts for the Webinar:
We are pleased to provide the following handouts to accompany the webinar and to support your work with States as they develop their State Systemic Improvement Plan (SSIP) to improve outcomes for students with disabilities.

Handout | Suggestions for Getting Involved with Your State’s RDA & SSIP Efforts [PDF]

Additional Resource | A Guide to RDA for Parent Centers [Available in Word and as a PDF]

Additional Resource | A Guide to RDA for Parent Leaders & Advocates [Available in Word and as a PDF]

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