Useful to Parent Centers, school systems, community partners, and families, all of whom play a role in successful stakeholder engagement in education.

This webinar series makes clear that effective family engagement is not a one-time program or the choice of a good school. Rather, it’s a set of day-to-day practices, attitudes, beliefs, and interactions that support learning at home, at school, afterschool, and during the summer. Titles in the series are:

1: Transforming Schools Through Family, School, and Community Engagement

2: A New Day: Family, School, and Community Engagement in Education Reform

3: Data Driven: Making Student and School Data Accessible and Meaningful to Families

4: The Teacher-Parent Relationship: Using Professional Development to Improve Family and Community Engagement

5: Building Strategic Partnerships to Foster Community Engagement in Education

6: Ensuring School Readiness Through Successful Transitions

7: Successful Transitions to High School: Promoting High School Success and Facilitating College Readiness

8: Evaluating Family Engagement Strategies: Addressing Measurement Challenges

9: Bringing it All Together: Family and Community Engagement Policies in Action

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The series took place from April 2010 to November 2011, and represents the work of: the United Way Worldwide, the National PTA, SEDL, U.S. Department of Education, and the Harvard Family Research Project.