(2016, Fall) | This newsletter in English and Spanish from the PEAL Center in Pennyslvania is an excellent motivator for young people (and the rest of us!) to vote, explaining why their vote matters and what effect it can have. The newsletter also includes:

  • an Ask Cindy column for first-time voters
  • a “Voters with Disabilities Guide to Election Day”
  • accommodations for voters and how to request them
  • issues on which voters with disabilities can make a difference
  • lots of helpful tips and links for voters with disabilities.

While this newsletter is specific to the laws and voting rights in Pennsylvania, it’s a great guide that all Parent Centers can use in working with youth with disabilities and their parents when it comes to voting.

Find the newsletter in English at the PEAL Center:

Find the newsletter in Spanish at the PEAL Center:

Explore other newsletters from PEAL in English and Spanish:

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