Useful to: Alaska Native and American Indian communities, organizations working with and on behalf of Native communities, Native families and tribes themselves

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) are common. Many Tribal individuals, families, and communities have been impacted by childhood experiences causing physical and mental health adversities throughout the lifespan. However, with understanding and effort, individuals and communities can confront ACES and achieve positive health outcomes.

This Information Hub, launched by the National Indian Health Board, includes a Resource Basket designed for American Indian and Alaska Native individuals, families, communities, professionals, and leaders to  learn more about ACEs, research, tools, and interventions and to increase Indian Country’s capacity to address these adversities.

Access the Resource Basket, at:

Other Branches to Explore in the Information Hub

In addition to the Resource Basket for American Indian and Alaska Native Communities, you’ll find these other sections to explore on the Information Hub:

  • Background Information on ACEs
  • A Word on the Content, Hope, and Healing
  • How are ACEs Relevant to Me?
  • ACE Assessments
  • Success Story
  • Resource Basket for American Indian and Alaska Native Communities
    • Peer-Reviewed Articles about ACEs and AI/ANs
    • How Communities are Adapting and Integrating Research Findings
    • General ACE Resources
    • Accessible Tools used in Peer-Reviewed AI/AN Research
  • ACE Trainings (coming soon!)

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