(Monthly podcasts) | Useful to parents, Parent Centers, family members, educators, and medical practititioners working with children with different types of brain issues and challenges.


The graphic NPR uses for its podcast Your Child's BrainYour Child’s Brain is a monthly podcast of the Kennedy Krieger Institute with assistance from WYPR (National Public Radio, WYPR 88.1 FM). The podcast is released the first Monday of the month and brings together experts in child brain health, including researchers, educators, physicians, and therapists as well as families to discuss contemporary topics about child and youth brain health and development.  The main landing page for the series can be accessed at: https://www.wypr.org/podcast/your-childs-brain

The monthly installments cover a fascinating range of “brain” topics. Each podcast is about 23 minutes long. Consider, for example, the recent episodes below:

The transition planning process for individuals with an IEP | Jun 2, 2022

Unraveling the mysteries of rare childhood diseases | May 5, 2022
About the important role that research plays a role in rare diseases.

Autism, co-morbidities, and severe behaviors | Apr 7, 2022
Quite the discussion: autism, co-morbidities, and severe behaviors.

Podcasts in previous months include: autism; feeding disorders; and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder.