“I won’t quarrel with my bread and butter.”

— Jonathan Swift

Greetings to You!

What are core “bread-and-butter” topics in the world of Parent Centers? If you had to answer that question, you no doubt could. Certainly you know the questions many newcomer families have about their child, his or her disabilities, and what to do and where to go for help and support. Those, shall we say, are the bread-and-butter of topics that Parent Centers so often address.

This Buzz connects you with easy-to-share introductions to and explanations of what many newcomer families need to know. New Parent Center staffers may also find these materials a useful crash course in basic topics related to children with disabilities.

Hope your Memorial Day weekend was a splendid dive into summer 2022!
The CPIR Team


About Babies and Toddlers

Babies and Toddlers Indeed!
This landing page serves as an Table of Contents and offers families and others many options to explore, including an overview of early intervention, how to find services in their state for their wee one, parent rights (including parents’ right to participate), the IFSP, transition to preschool, and much more.

Just want an quick step-by-step overview of early intervention?
To give families the “big picture,” share the 2022 update Basic Steps of the Early Intervention Process with families.

For Spanish-speaking families
CPIR offers a landing page called Ayuda para los Bebés Hasta Su Tercer Cumpleaños. Beginning there, families can read about early intervention, the evaluation process for their little one, writing the IFSP, and the value of parent groups and suggestions for where to find them.

For School-Aged Children and Youth with Disabilities

10 Basics of the Special Education Process under IDEA
In Spanish (Sobre el proceso de educación especial)

Your Child’s Evaluation (4 pages, family-friendly)
In Spanish (La evalución de su niño)

Parent Rights
In Spanish (Derechos de los padres)
Landing page, again, this time to a simple list of each of the parental rights under IDEA, with branching to a description about that right. Surely a bread-and-butter topic for parents!

All about the IEP Suite
(Similar info about the IEP in Spanish) The landing page gives you and families numerous branches to explore, beginning with a short-and-sweet overview of the IEP, a summary of who’s on the IEP team (with ever-deepening information below and branching off), the content of the IEP (brief summary first, then in-depth discussion thereafter), and what happens with the IEP team meets.

Placement Issues
(Basic info about placement in Spanish) Again, start with the main landing page for this bread-and-butter topic. Take the various branches, depending on what type of info the family is seeking at the moment. Branches include: a short-and-sweet overview to placement, considering LRE in placement decisions, school inclusion, and placement and school discipline.

What about Resources on Other Important Topics?!

CPIR Resource Collections and Info Suites
The resources listed above cover just a few of the topics that Parent Centers often address. For a more robust index of key topics, try the Resource Collections and Info Suites resource, which will point you to where other resources on key topics are located on the Parent Center Hub.


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