“We don’t heal in isolation, but in community.” 

–S. Kelley Harrell, Gift of the Dreamtime – Reader’s Companion.


January Greetings!

Well, 2021 is off and running, that’s for sure. CPIR has concrete plans and new tools in the wings to offer you, and that makes us bristle with energy and excitement. 2021 is going to be one active year!

But we also recognize that the country still has a lot of cleaning up and catching up to do, lessons to keep learning, and difficult divides to span. The resources listed in this Buzz speak to several of the most challenging issues before us.

Be well, be strong, keep the faith!

The CPIR Team


Let’s Talk, Do, Listen, and Learn

Helping Kids Understand the Riots at the Capitol
(Also available in Spanish)
It’s hard to help our children understand what we ourselves have trouble fathoming. Here are suggestions for all of us, from the Child Mind Institute.


Tools to Build Community
Take advantage of the tools and resources of the the Community Tool Box to support peaceful democracy, racial justice, and inclusion. See all the chapters of the toolbox here, many of which are also available in Spanish, and explore the ones that speak to you and your community. There’s also the Justice Action Toolkit and other toolkits.

From Juvenile Justice Back into the Community

Several questions came up this past week about tools that can support youth with disabilities as they leave the juvenile justice system and re-enter the community, perhaps returning to school. Perhaps these resources might be helpful?

Youth with Disabilities in Juvenile Corrections (Part 2): Transition and Reentry to School and Community
From the IRIS Center.

Reentry Services Directory
The Reentry Services Directory connects you with a list of organizations and service providers who can address different reentry needs, including housing, employment, and family reunification.


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