(2021) | Useful to parents as their children return to school for the academic year 2020-21, for in-person learning, remote learning, or a hybrid approach.

This parent reentry guide is intended to provide parents with the necessary support and resources to help navigate these unprecedented times of schooling during the Covid-19 pandemic. While the guide is a draft emerging from the School Administrators Association of New York State and is aligned with the region’s reentry plans, it nonetheless is full of guidance that all parents can use and appreciate, including those whose children have disabilities.

The guide is 54 pages long and provides an overview of the potential challenges that may present in the school year. The guide can be used to help support students and families in the areas of social emotional learning, academic support at home, family culture and well-being, current operations, and health and safety concerns. It includes a large resource list at the end for families.

Access the draft guide at:


Looking More Closely at What’s in the Guide

In its opening pages, the draft acknowledges that families have had to change their entire lives to adapt to stay-at-home orders and massive shutdowns across all sectors. Parents went from helping their child with homework to being full-blown home-school teachers overnight. To help families go forward into the 2020-21 school year, the guide includes sections on concerns and topics such as the following:

  • glossary of key terms (e.g., asynchronous learning)
  • social emotional learning from home
  • local agencies and supports
  • supporting children’s academic needs at home
  • supplemental academic supports
  • virtual field trips by content
  • family culture & well-being
  • plan for creating technology balance
  • healthy lifestyle and exercise resources
  • accessing medical resources
  • much much more

The guide concludes with the section Parents Resources Guide A-Z.

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