Buzz | Youth Transitions, State Assessments, and More

This Buzz is packed with info for you and the families and professionals you serve. We start off with a Dear Colleague Letter from the feds, share 3 resources for and about youth in transition to adulthood, and 3 others focused on state assessments, which are meant to be shared with families.

Buzz | Putting the Right Foot Forward

Getting the school year off on the right foot is important. To help you and families do just that, CPIR is pleased to share many new resources with you, including guidance for immigrant parents, early signs of learning challenges in children, IEP and 504 strategies, and warning signs of bullying.

Buzz | Back to School with Feeling

It’s that time of year again for school buses and carpools and bookbags. So, this Buzz focuses on resources that Parent Centers and others can use in their work with families and educators as the new school year gets underway.

Buzz | Lots of News to Share with You

This issue of the Buzz brings you lots of news and connections to sources of information that Parent Centers and others will find pertinent to working with families: updated guidance from OSEP, Native American news, a great new resource in town, and more info in English and Spanish.

Buzz | Summer Reading, plus Rare and Genetic Conditions

Schools are out for the summer, so reading for fun and learning is always an option for parents, children, and Parent Centers themselves. We’re pleased to connect you with more on that subject. This Buzz also shares resources on genetic conditions, testing, and rare disorders that families and professionals alike may find helpful.

Buzz | Parent Centers are Amazing!

The results of the Parent Center data collection for 2021-2022 are in, and they reveal the true depth and volume of what Parent Centers collectively accomplished and how many lives they touched in a year of nonstop action. CPIR is also pleased to highlight several resources that Parent Centers and other organizations will find useful when helping families and children, especially those with disabilities.

Buzz | Multilingual Resources

We know that Parent Centers are ever on the lookout for disability-related resources in languages other than English. This Buzz shares just that with you, with an emphasis on materials in Spanish. We hope these will help you engage with and inform the multilingual families you serve.

Buzz | Physical Activities for Children with Disabilities

Summertime fun, sports, and outdoor activities are almost upon us. That’s why this Buzz focuses on the importance of physical movement in our children’s overall health. For many children with disabilities, sports, games, and outdoor fun can be difficult due to their disability. The resources we mention in this Buzz can help families, friends, and community members involve children with disabilities in many kinds of physical activities, making adaptations suited to the children and the nature of their disabilities.

Buzz | Diversity and Mental Health Issues

This Buzz brings you resources focused on mental health amid the many diverse populations that Parent Centers serve. Culture and identity can play a profound role in shaping a person’s or community’s mental health challenges, strengths, and resiliency. To that end, we hope you find the resources in this Buzz illuminating, useful to you as Parent Center staff, and pertinent to the families with whom you connect.

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