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Videos to Teach Students 5 Foundational Mental Health Skills

The California Healthy Minds, Thriving Kids project has produced an evidence-based video series with accompanying study guides. There are introductory videos for caregivers and educators, and videos to teach young people five clinically proven mental health skills. Our youth has never needed these foundational mental health skills more than they do right now.

Five topics are treated, each with multiple videos and supporting materials. Those topics are: Understanding Feelings, Understanding Thoughts, Relaxation Skills, Managing Intense Emotions, and Mindfulness. All videos and supporting materials are available in English and Spanish.

Want to know more, and how to access each of the video sets in either language? Come here and read all about it!

Preschool Inclusion Series | Videos

(2019) | (Available in English and Spanish) The SpecialQuest Multimedia Training Library includes early childhood inclusion training resources. The videos and training sessions support high-quality inclusion of preschoolers (ages 3 to 5) in early care and education settings that are responsive to the priority and concerns of families. The target audiences are early childhood professional development […]

Training Curriculum on Part B of IDEA 2004

Building the Legacy | Construyendo el Legado Updated, 2020 The Building the Legacy / Construyendo el Legado training curriculum is intended to help all those involved with children with disabilities understand and implement Part B of IDEA 2004, the nation’s special education law. The curriculum is organized according to five themes central to IDEA, with […]

Module 9: Development of the Transition Plan in Part C

  As toddlers receiving early intervention services approach their third birthday, it’s time to start planning ahead for when they (and their families) leave the Part C system and move on to either Part B services or other appropriate programs or services. Module 9 focuses on the development of a transition plan for the exiting […]

Module 1: Top 10 Basics of Special Education

While the date of publication for this training module was July 2007, the information provided about the 10 basics of the special education process is still accurate. The requirements of the law (IDEA) have not changed since this module was written. What’s most likely out of date as of January 2018 will be the many references to resources of further information or assistance on the steps involved in special education.

Webinar | Updated Training Modules on the IEP & IDEA

This webinar spotlights three training modules on the IEP that Parent Centers can use to learn or train others: The IEP Team, Content of the IEP, and Meetings of the IEP Team. Each module is available in English and in Spanish.

Equitable Access Toolkit

(Published 2014) | Every student deserves teachers and principals who can help them achieve their potential. Yet students from low-income families or rural backgrounds, students of color, students with special needs, and English language learners have less access to excellent educators than do other students, which hinders their ability to succeed in school and beyond. […]

Introduction to Student Learning Objectives | Module

(July 2013) Useful to Parent Centers in: SSIP work, system reform, work with families Designed as a blueprint for training, this module can be used by state leaders and regional center staff to support district-level staff who are new to student learning objectives (SLO) and in the early stages of implementation. About SLOs | An SLO is […]

Part C, Module 12: Access to and Examination of Records

March 2015 A legacy training module from NICHCY In delivering services to infants and toddlers and their families under Part C of the IDEA, the lead agency and its early intervention service (EIS) providers collect information about the infant or toddler and his or her family. This includes personally identifiable information that is subject to privacy protections […]

Module 10: Introduction to Procedural Safeguards in Early Intervention

March 2015 A legacy training module from NICHCY The procedural safeguards in Part C of IDEA are designed to protect the rights of parents and their infant or toddler with a disability, as well as give families and early intervention lead agencies a way to resolve disputes. This training module takes a detailed look at the procedural safeguards […]

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