(2019) | (Available in English and Spanish)

The SpecialQuest Multimedia Training Library includes early childhood inclusion training resources. The videos and training sessions support high-quality inclusion of preschoolers (ages 3 to 5) in early care and education settings that are responsive to the priority and concerns of families. The target audiences are early childhood professional development providers, Institutes of Higher Education, family leaders, and policy makers.

The Preschool Inclusion Series videos and training sessions explore several aspects of including preschool-age children who have disabilities in programs and settings with their typically developing peers such as:

  • benefits and rationale for inclusion
  • stories about the successful inclusion of a child
  • what it took for families and service providers to ensure appropriate supports
  • practical and concrete strategies for making the Individualized Education Program (IEP) process collaborative and ensuring inclusion, with perspectives of family, service providers, and administrators.

The landing page from which you can access the video programs in English is at:

The programs themselves are:

  • Session 1: Preschool Inclusion: Laying the Groundwork for Success
  • Session 2: Samantha’s Story: Preschool Inclusion Success (Option 1) | Participants will identify challenges to inclusion and generate strategies that support effective inclusion in their own work.
  • Session 3: Samantha’s Story: Preschool Inclusion Success (Option 2) | Participants will use a tool, the Inclusion Planning Checklist, to explore how they and their partners can support the inclusion of preschool-age children who have disabilities in early care and education programs.
  • Session 4: Drew’s Family Story of Inclusion
  • Session 5: The Individualized Education Program: Partnering for Success

To access these same programs in Spanish, including supporting materials such as a facilitator’s guide, go to:

(Links updated, January 2021)