Cómo Participar en la Escuela de su Hijo

(2016, septiembre) | Useful for sharing with Spanish-speaking parents of children with disabilities La participación de los padres puede tener un fuerte impacto. Aprenda cómo conectarse con grupos que promueven la participación de los padres en la escuela. En el pasado, los padres a menudo aceptaban que los funcionarios escolares estaban haciendo las cosas correctamente, […]

Autodefensa: Una habilidad valiosa para su hijo adolescente con DA

(2016, September) | Centros de Padres pueden compartir este artículo con las families que sirven, especialmente las con adolescentes. Es importante que los niños aprendan técnicas de autodefensa para tener éxito en todas las etapas de sus vidas. En el pasado, la autodefensa era un término aplicado principalmente a adultos con discapacidades, pero recientemente se […]

The Life Skills Manual: Strategies for Maintaining Residential Stability

(2012) | Useful to Parent Centers working with youth in transition who need support in learning life skills. The Life Skills Manual is an evidence-based curriculum that provides the content and resources needed to teach life skills to individuals who need assistance in this area. The curriculum is designed to be implemented in 6 group […]

A Teen’s Guide to Autism

(Published September 5, 2013) Created by Alexandra Jackman of Westfield, NJ, the purpose of this 14 minute documentary, released in 2013, is to help teenagers be more aware and understanding of people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). It has also been translated to Spanish. View the original video, in English at: View the translated […]

Partners in Making Your Case

(2014 | Available in English and Spanish) | Partners in Making Your Case is a 3-hour self-study course designed to help people with disabilities and their families create positive change through advocacy. The course helps participants understand the legislative process, the essential elements of good advocacy, identify and research personal issues, then advocate for systems change […]

Webinar | Self-Advocacy Skill Building

Supporting youth with disabilities in becoming effective self-advocates is one of the current priorities of Parent Centers. What, exactly, does that mean, and what does it involve? This webinar explores the resources available to help youth with disabilities build their self-advocacy skills. These include training materials that Parent Centers can use when working with youth and their families. The discussion of resources revolves around those listed in the priority page of the CPIR’s called Best Practices in Self-Advocacy Skill Building.

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