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Sources you can turn to for info about children with disabilities birth to 5







Resources for Families of Very Young Children with Disabilities

This page spotlights resources for families offered by the 5 Early Childhood Centers funded by the Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP) at the U.S. Department of Education. Use them with  your young child!

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The Three Child Outcomes
English: https://ectacenter.org/eco/pages/childoutcomes.asp
Spanish: Desarrollo de los tres resultados para el niño

Resources of the ECTA Center | Early Childhood Technical Assistance Center


Understanding Functional Skills

A Mother’s View: My Experience Raising a Son with Special Education Needs

Resources of the DaSy Center | Center for IDEA Early Childhood Data Systems

Tips for Families: Receiving Early Intervention Services Through the Phone, Tablet, or Computer

Consejos para Familias: Recibiendo Servicios de Intervención Temprana a través del Celular, Tableta o Computadora

Resources of the ECPC | Early Childhood Personnel Center


Visual Supports for Routines, Schedules, and Transitions
English: https://challengingbehavior.org/docs/Routine_cards_home.pdf
Spanish: https://challengingbehavior.org/docs/Routine_cards_home_SP.pdf

Help Us Calm Down: Strategies for Children
Try these strategies with your child! The more you use a calming strategy and practice the strategy with your child, the more likely they are to use the strategy when experiencing anger, stress, sadness, or frustration.
English | Spanish | Ojibwe | Hmong | Somali

Resources of NCPMI | The National Center for Pyramid Model Innovations


Let’s Change Attitudes and Beliefs about Inclusion
In this video, you will learn what does the literature tell us about high-quality inclusion.  Closed captioning available in English, Spanish, and Korean.

Touching Textures (Exploration Ideas & Adaptations)
Using our five senses is the way we take in lots of information about our world. Describing how things feel can be hard to demonstrate in the abstract, so take children on a sensory hunt to gather items to make a texture board to help them communicate about textures.

Resources of STEMIE | The STEM Innovation for Inclusion in Early Education Center


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