(2022, February) | Useful to parents, students, school leaders, and school personnel with respect to protecting the return to in-person learning against COVID-19 and its variants | (Available in English and Spanish)


As we return to in-person learning in schools, parents and schools alike are concerned that COVID-19 and variants of the virus could all too easily shut down students returning to school, as has repeatedly happened since the pandemic began.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) provides a website dedicated to preventing current and future shutdowns, should a variant to COVID (or the current variants) cause a resurgence of infection and heightened risks of exposure. That website–called We Can Do This–includes resources such as the Safe Schools Checklist, which is available in English and Spanish and which has sections addressing what parents can do to protect their children and what school systems and communities can do the maintain in-person learning all year long.

Access the English version of the checklist at:

Access the Spanish version of the checklist at:

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