Useful to Parent Centers to understand extended school year (ESY) services and explain these to the families they serve.

Some students in special education are eligible for what’s known as Extended School Year (ESY) services, which are provided beyond the school year (e.g., in the summer) to students in keeping with their IEPs. This article from Great Schools:

  • explains what extended school year services are (and what they are not);
  • provides the regulations about ESY as included in the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA);
  • discusses who is eligible for receiving ESY services;
  • describes how eligibility for ESY is determined, including the criteria used;
  • takes a look at what ESY services might look like;
  • indicates the importance of ensuring that ESY services include accommodations; and
  • concludes with three “Action Tips for Parents.”

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Updated August 2023