(2016) Useful to Parent Centers,  community leaders, and families to work with youth in a positive and engaging manner.

Since 1994, Youth on Board (YOB) has been a leader in the field of youth organizing in the Boston area and beyond. YOB supports the power of students to transform their communities by recognizing that when young people are fully engaged—when their voices are heard, their opinions matter, and their unique perspective is respected—they commit themselves to making their schools, their communities, and their own lives better.

Below, find select publications that are free to download. The information contained in their series of booklets was compiled as a direct result of  several years of  informal research,  with input from more than 600 young people worldwide. Young people played an integral role in the creation and editing of these booklets.

Tips from Young People on Good Youth/Adult Relationships

Listening to Young People

Get the Word Out! Going Public About Young People’s Power

Leading a Youth Worker Resource Group

Your Guide to Youth Board Involvement and the Law