(2018, November) | Useful to Parent Centers, organizations, and policy makers working with youth in foster care.


Fostering Youth Transitions: Using Data to Drive Policy and Practice Decisions (10 pages) comes from the Annie E. Casey Foundation. The brief discusses:

  • the challenges that young people face while in and exiting care;
  • how foster youth are faring in each state as they transition to adulthood;
  • how older youth in foster care are — or are not — accessing resources; and
  • ways that the foster care experience and outcomes differ for young people of color.

The report provides national and state-level data on the demographics, experiences, and outcomes of young people in foster care. Policy makers can use this information to ensure that youth in foster care have access to the relationships, resources, and opportunities they need to thrive, and to identify racial and ethnic disparities.

Access the report at: