(2016, February) | Useful to Parent Centers, educators, and families involved in making evidence-based decisions about early childhood education.

This webinar examined ways in which one can identify high-quality, evidenced-based early care and education research, both in general and within the realm of building quality rating and improvement systems (QRIS). Selected QRIS issues were addressed, including:

  • the school readiness achievement gap;
  • early education/Head Start academic outcomes;
  • early education investment (cost-benefit ratio);
  • program environment,
  • policies and practices;
  • measuring quality; and
  • teacher/administrator qualifications and credentials.

Reliable research resources were shared during the webinar, and the ensuing discussion focused on translating research into practice.

Access the PowerPoint associated with this webinar, at:

Jim Squires, Ph.D., Senior Research Fellow
Center on Enhancing Early Learning Outcomes/
National Institute for Early Education Research