(2013) | Useful to Parent Centers, schools, and families in supporting early learning of self-determination skills and planning for life after high school.

This 26-page handbook, subtitled Planning for Life After High School, deals with the skills that students will need no matter what option they choose after high school. Self-determination is a mix of skills youth and young adults with disabilities will use throughout their lives. These skills include their personal beliefs and values and skills that empower them to make choices and take control of their lives according to their own interests, needs, and abilities. Self-advocacy is the process of speaking for themselves and knowledge of their rights, wishes, needs, and strengths.

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What’s in the Handbook
The handbook  is designed as a guide to help students with disabilities take another step in preparing for “life after high school.” Published by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, the handbook includes:

  • an overview of self-determinating skills
  • timelines for developing self-determination skills (starting in elementary school)
  • differences between public high school and adult services
  • a worksheet called “Knowing Yourself.”

Speaking directly to youth, the handbook guides their personal exploration of possible goal areas, assessing their future, reaching goals one step at a time, acting on goals, problem solving, and learning from experience. It concludes with creating a personal profile, looking at person-centered planning, and suggestions for who to invite to their next IEP meeting.

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