(2020, November 11) | Useful to: All those concerned and involved with the history and present-day well-being of Native Americans.

Take 2 minutes to listen to this moving story told by Ali Velshi on the Rachel Maddow Show on Veteran’s Day, 2020, which begins with the story of the military service of Marcella LeBeau, a 101-year Native American former Army nurse. The report is short and poignant, highlights the military service of not just LeBeau but thousands of Native Americans as well, even before they were recognized as citizens of the United States and given the right to vote.

In the context of Veteran’s Day, the story reports the unveiling of of the National Native American Veterans Memorial by the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C. and describes its design and the larger context of recognizing and honoring the military service of Native Americans across the years.

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