“Can miles truly separate us from friends or lovers…
If we want to be with someone we love, aren’t we already there?” 

–Nitya Prakash.

Greetings to All!

Keep your distance. Six feet apart. Learn at a distance. Gather at a distance. Even sneeze at a distance! It’s all part and parcel of journeying through this pandemic together–at a distance.

How very odd it all seems, when we want to be close, enjoy the holidays together, visit friends, and hug (and be hugged) tight. So we’ve focused this Buzz on ways to cope with as well as bridge the distance without jeopardizing individual or collective well-being.

Savor every day, and keep well!
The CPIR Team | Carolyn, Debra, Debi, Lisa, Sitara, and Myriam


Distance Learning Helped Me See My Child’s Struggles and What She Needs to Thrive
We’re all learning from distance learning and each other.

Learning about Democracy at Home
Wondering how to teach civics at home? The iCivics Remote Learning Toolkit for Families can help! Parents can find fun, at-home games, activities, and lessons to help their children learn critical civic knowledge and skills while having fun.

Telehealth in an Increasingly Virtual World
(Also available in Spanish) | The Child Mind Institute’s 2020 Children’s Mental Health Report answers key questions about delivering mental health services via telehealth. The report includes the results of a recent survey of parents who have used telehealth for their children’s mental health treatment and shares their experiences and unique insights.

Bookshare Student Forum: Advocating for Your Rights
Three members of the Bookshare community share their advice as disability advocates on securing accommodations, getting accessible materials, and recruiting allies to succeed in the classroom and workplace.

Creative Alternatives to Family Gatherings During COVID-19
Here are 7 alternative ideas for spending time with cherished loved ones from afar.

Free Printable | 25 Fun Family Night Ideas
Let’s face it. The holidays might look a little different this year. Check out this list of things to do as a family to connect both online and offline.

Holidays During the Pandemic
Tips for reducing stress, helping kids cope, and making new traditions.


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