(2016/2017) | Useful to Parent Centers in developing and conducting outreach to Native communities.

Two separate products on outreach to Native parents through Title VI are available from NAPTAC, the Native American Parent Technical Assistance Center: (1) A 2016 fact sheet written expressly for Parent Centers and offering many suggestions for how to use Title VI to reach out to Native parents of children with disabilities in nearby communities; and (2) an archived webinar  (with speaker notes) on the same subject (held January 2017).

Access the 3-page fact sheet(PDF) at:

View the webinar at:

What is Title VI?

NAPTAC asserts that one underutilized resource for Parent Centers and special educators is the Title VI, Indian Education Program. Originally funded in 1972 (and reauthorized in 1974, 1988, 1992, 1994, 2001, and 2015), the Indian Education Act targets federal funds to improve Indian education in all kinds of schools, but primarily public schools across
the country.

The Act provides services to American Indians and Alaska Natives that are not provided by the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Examples include: attendances strategies, counseling, dropout strategies, regular parent/family meetings, transition strategies, and youth activities.

How Title VI Relates to Parent Centers 

Title VI services offer Parent Center multiple ways to connect with Native communities, highlight the support available through Parent Centers, and develop or strengthen relations with local tribes.

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