Title slide in Module 5September 2014
A legacy training module from NICHCY
Looking for a summary, not a training module?

Every child receiving early intervention services under Part C of IDEA must have an IFSP—an individualized family service plan.

This module takes a detailed look at what the Part C regulations require in terms of the procedures used to develop, review, and evaluate a child’s IFSP. Module 5 includes:

  • 1 slideshow presentation;
  • a trainer’s guide explaining all the content;
  • a Speaker Notes version of the slideshow; and
  • 1 handout and 2 activity sheets for participants.

Please help yourself! Download the components you need to learn on your own and/or to train others on how IFSPs are developed, reviewed, and revised; who is involved; and what procedures are required, including use of the child’s and family’s native language.

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Files You’ll Need to Download

Trainer’s Guide | The trainer’s guide to Module 5 focuses on the content emphasized in the module—namely, an overview of the procedures that lead agencies and early intervention providers must follow when a baby or toddler’s IFSP is developed, reviewed, and evaluated. Moving slide by slide, the trainer’s guide provides images of each slide, instructions for how to operate the slide (e.g., when to click to reveal more of the slide or to advance to the next slide), and an explanation of the content on the slide. The trainer’s guide is available in two formats, for your convenience:

PDF | Trainer’s Guide for Module 5 (34 pages)

Word | Trainer’s Guide for Module 5 (for accessibility)

Slideshow | The slideshow for Module 5 has 11 slides in total. The file is provided as a PowerPoint Show. Download the file to your computer. As a SHOW, the slideshow will automatically launch when you open the file. It will then operate as described in the Trainer’s Guide.

Slideshow for Module 5

Speaker Notes | We know from experience that many trainers find it helpful to have a Speaker Notes version of the slideshow. The Speaker Notes version shows each slide picture on the left and provides blank lines on the right (for taking notes). Use the Speaker Notes version for your own planning (it’s in Word, so you can add your own notes where the blank lines are) or share it with participants for their own taking of notes.

Speaker Notes version of the slides in Module 5 | in Word

Pictures of individual slides in Module 5 | in PDF (7 pages)

Handouts  and Activity Sheets for Participants | Module 5 comes with one handout and two optional activity sheets for you to share with participants. Handout 8 gives participants the verbatim Part C regulations for IFSP procedures. Activity Sheet 7 takes a look at the contents of the IFSP. Activity 8 presents a case study. Each of these documents is provided in PDF and Word formats. The PDF is designed to share with participants. The Word version is made available for those participants who need or request accessible materials.

Handout  8 | Individualized Family Service Plan  (IDEA’s verbatim regulations)

~~ Handout 8 in PDF
~~ Handout 8 in Word (for accessibility)

Activity Sheet 7 | A Quick Look at the Content of an IFSP

~~ Activity Sheet 7 in PDF
~~ Activity Sheet 7 in Word (for accessibility)

Activity Sheet 8 | Case Study: Extended Family Participation in the IFSP Meeting

~~ Activity Sheet 8 in PDF
~~ Activity Sheet 8 in Word (for accessibility)

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And there you have it, Module 5 on the procedures for developing, reviewing, and evaluating the IFSP! We wish you good luck with all your trainings!

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