In this webinar, a presentation and discussion regarding the Department’s recently released, Guidance to Help Schools Support Students with Disabilities and Avoid Disparities In the Use of Discipline. A general overview of the guidance package was presented and key topics were discussed, including informal removals and longstanding practices that have resulted in high rates of exclusionary discipline for children with disabilities, particularly children with disabilities of color. Additionally, technical assistance resources were shared to support OSEP’s goal of shifting from an overreliance on exclusionary discipline to one of prevention and proactive attention to address the behavioral needs of children with disabilities.

Hosted by the Center for Parent Information and Resources (CPIR)

Date | November 3, 2022

Presenters |

Keesha Blythe, OSEP
David Cantrell, OSEP
Cindy Duch, PEAL Center
Mary Hartley, PEAL Center
Kimberly Hymes, OSEP
Lisa Pagano, OSEP
Carmen Sanchez, OSEP

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Guidance Package