(2018, August) | Useful to Parent Centers when working with Native communities

Infant and early childhood mental health consultation (IECMHC) is a strategy that tribes can use to build the resilience of its youngest members. Through the use of a holistic, culturally sensitive, and collaborative approach, IECMHC brings together everyone within a child’s circle—family, extended family, teachers, tribal elders, and providers—to develop strategies that support the child.

The following resources, made available by SAMHSA’s Center of Excellence, highlight key issues pertaining to IECMHC within tribal communities:

Overview of IECMHC Within Tribal Communities – 2017 (PDF | 471 KB)
Outlines general and specific considerations for IECMHC within tribal communities.

Key IECMHC Resources for Tribal Communities – 2017 (PDF | 630 KB)
Provides resources for tribal, state, and community leaders seeking to implement IECMHC within tribal communities.

Tip Sheet: How to Support a Mental Health Consultant Who is New to Your Tribal Community – 2018 (PDF | 662 KB)
Provides strategies for tribal communities and/or programs that are starting work with a mental health consultant who is new to the community.

All of these resources are available online at: