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Two New Resources for You from CPIR

We are pleased to point you to two new resources that the Center for Parent Information and Resources (CPIR) has created for Parent Centers and others to share. They are:

Parent Centers in Action Oh, what Parent Centers can achieve in one year! This page tells the story of A Year in the Life: Parent Centers in Action nationwide AND it connects Parent Centers with an adaptable infographic they can use to spotlight their individual achievements: who they served, how those services were offered, in what language, and much more.

10 Great Things You'll Find on the CPIR Hub First, we shared this as a poster or handout. Now, it's a page, too! Share the handout AND the page with the families and professionals you work with, which will give them a quick window into the wealth of information and resources CPIR offers.

Featured Parent Center

Serving on groups- Webinar series and resources

Group of colleagues sitting around a table Joining decision-making groups is an important way for parents to have a voice and improve the lives of children and families. This webinar series will prepare and empower users to successfully serve on a group. You can make a difference!  Parents will learn to recognize their personal leadership skills, build an understanding about decision-making groups, and develop skills essential for active and meaningful participation on groups.  ​Use these tools to gain strategies to confidently, and actively participate in decision making groups.  Check out the webinar series and resources.

Recent Items

Buzz from the Hub | Supporting Our Children’s Well-Being

This issue of the Buzz brings you resources focused on taking care of children and seeing to their well-being. From addressing physical development delay, to the basics of social and emotional development, to the impact of trauma on the brain, to helping children cope with disasters, these are resources you can share with families.


Webinar | Introduction to Tool Kits for Board Professional Development for Parent Centers

Nonprofit management is the topic about which Parent Centers across the country most often request technical assistance from their Regional Parent Technical Assistance Centers (RPTACs). This webinar presented an introduction to six (6) toolkits that were developed by and for RPTAC use during site visits to train Parent Center boards to help them meet their responsibilities.

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