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Involving Your Child in the Decision-Making Process

Shared Decision-Making and Children with Disabilities: Pathways to Consensus, a clinical report published by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), states that children, when cognitively able, should be involved in decisions about their care. Too often this is mistaken by parents and professionals to only mean “the big decisions,” but research shows that inclusion in smaller decisions as well can have a significant impact over time. Presenting children with information—appropriate for their developmental age—can help in their understanding of their condition and treatments, reduce fear, and enhance self-confidence. This article shares multiple tips for parents to ensure that their child is appropriately informed and involved. Read the article here.

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Michigan Alliance for Families

Michigan Alliance for Families logoParent centers looking for excellent presentations to share with their families can go to the Michigan Alliance for Families webinar page. They provide an extensive, informative webinar series that is archived for access at any time. Organized by topic and free for parents, caregivers, and educators, the archives can be accessed here:

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