Annual State and Local Report Cards | ESSA Fact Sheet

May 2018 A collaborative publication of the Center for Parent Information and Resources (CPIR) and The Advocacy Institute Fact sheet in Word Fact sheet in PDF Other fact sheets on ESSA This fact sheet is designed to accompany the Stakeholder Guide to the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) and gives you summary information about what ESSA […]

Disabling Punishment: The Need for Remedies to the Disparate Loss of Instruction Experienced by Black Students with Disabilities

This report provides the first state-by-state estimate of how much instructional time is lost for students with disabilities due to disciplinary actions such as school suspension. The study documents the disparities between black and white students with disabilities.

The difference in days of lost instruction means there are huge inequities in the opportunity to learn. The study was prompted the U.S. Department of Education’s decision in February 2018 to seek comments on its intention to delay implementation of the IDEA regulations that pertain to racial disproportionality in special education, which include disciplinary disparities. The report on the findings of the study includes recommendations. An executive summary is also available.

Read more about, and access, the report as well as the executive summary.

Amendments to IDEA Made by ESSA | ESSA Fact Sheet

April 2018 A collaborative publication of the Center for Parent Information and Resources (CPIR) and The Advocacy Institute Fact sheet in Word Fact sheet in PDF Other fact sheets on ESSA This fact sheet is designed to accompany the Stakeholder Guide to the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) and gives you a brief overview of two significant […]

Beyond Guardianship: Toward Alternatives That Promote Greater Self-Determination

According to the National Council on Disability (NOD), guardianship is overused and often unnecessarily deprives individuals with disabilities of their rights. Typically, guardianship involves a state-court determination that an individual lacks the capacity to make decisions with respect to their health, safety, welfare, and/or property. Yet, there are many alternatives to guardianship that increase the ability of individuals with disabilities to exercise self-determination, live and work in the community, and participate in civic life. The report explores these alternatives and includes recommendations that will help align the use of guardianship and decision-making alternatives with the Americans with Disabilities Act and national policies of equal access and opportunity.

Read more about Beyond Guardianship, and access it in multiple forms (PDF, Word, summary).

Video | Using Data to Help Children in Critical Populations

This 5-minute video highlights the benefits of Minnesota’s Early Childhood Longitudinal Data System and how it came to be developed and used to improve outreach to underserved, critical populations and to connect those populations to needed services.

According to the staff at local and state organizations, combining data from different programs and agencies that serve young children allows policymakers and program decision makers to better answer critical questions about the needs of families in their communities, as well as questions about services and programs. Building the data system or developing a process to link existing data was the important first step in this video. After the data were integrated, they were analyzed and interpreted to improve programs, services, and policies.

Read more information about, and connect with, the video and its accompanying materials.

Video | Effective Family Engagement Could Look Like This

(2018) | Useful to Parent Centers and school systems interested in building strong family engagement practices in their children’s education and learning. This 5-1/2 minute video is a product of the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI). It discusses the need to shift the way schools partner with families to help students learn, moving from […]

Digest of Education Statistics 2016

(2018, February) | Useful to Parent Centers and all stakeholders in public education. The Digest of Education Statistics is an annual publication of National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), compiling statistical information that covers the broad field of American education from prekindergarten through graduate school. The Digest provides data on a variety of topics, including the […]

Public Comments Requested on Disproportionality Rule

The Department of Education has issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) regarding the compliance date for implementing the significant disproportionality regulations released in December 2016. The Department has proposed (a) postponing the compliance date for the regulations by two years (from July 1, 2018, to July 1, 2020); and (b) postponing the date by which children ages 3 through 5 must be included in the analysis of significant disproportionality (from July 1, 2020, to July 1, 2022).

Read a quick summary of the NPRM here and the proposed new rule itself. Both include information about where to submit your public comments. The deadline for submitting comments is May 14, 2018.

CDC’s Report to Congress on the Management of TBI in Children

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) disrupts the normal function of the brain, and can be caused by a bump, blow, or jolt to the head, or a related injury. It affects children differently from adults–and children have the highest rate of emergency department visits for traumatic brain (TBI) injury of all age groups. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (the CDC) have just released a Report to Congress on the Management of Traumatic Brain Injury in Children, which details the impact a TBI can have on children and their families. Accompanying the report are 4 fact sheets for different audiences as well as graphics and digital ads that can be used on the web, Facebook, and Twitter to “get the message out.”

Access the CDC’s report to Congress, the fact sheets, and other materials, beginning at:

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