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Building Stakeholder Knowledge about Data

Data play a role in virtually every aspect of administering early intervention programs (IDEA Part C) and preschool programs (Part B 619). State lead agency staff partner with stakeholders for a variety of purposes, including collaborating to improve programs and preparing annual reports on how programs are implemented. This toolkit from the DaSy Center orients stakeholders to IDEA data and other data-related topics to help them meaningfully participate in conversations about important programmatic issues and decisions.

The toolkit is a resource for IDEA Part C and Part B 619 stakeholders, such as representations on the State Interagency Coordinating Council (SICC) and the State Advisory Panel (SAP), who provide input on issues and decisions that relate to or affect programs that serve young children with development delays and disabilities and their families. Stakeholders can use this toolkit independently, or Part C/Part B 619 staff can work through the toolkit with stakeholders in a facilitated manner.

Learn more about and access the toolkit, including the 7 sections it contains and the questions that guide how information and learning are organized in each section.

Parent Engagement Practices Improve Outcomes for Preschool Children

(2017) | Useful to: Parent Centers, preschool personnel, and parents of preschool-aged children Supporting parents’ efforts to help their children develop during the preschool years improves child school readiness, reduces child behavior problems, enhances child social skills, and promotes academic success. Effective parent engagement programs can help close the gap in school readiness associated with […]

Parents on the IEP Team

Most recently reviewed, September 2017 This information in Spanish | Esta información en español Parents have been recognized as vital members of the IEP Team since the passage of Public Law 94-142 in 1975. Everyone agrees that parents have an enduring and passionate interest in the well-being and education of their child. So it makes […]

Getting Started: Exploring Assistive Technology with Your Teen or Young Adult

(2016) | Useful to Parent Centers, families, youth with disabilities, and educators working with students with disabilities who could benefit from using assistive technology. This 7-page guide offers steps for families to take with their teens and young adults to get them involved in the process of exploring assistive technology (AT). When youth take an […]

A Guide to Results-Driven Accountability for Parent Leaders and Advocates

This 5-page guide from the Center for Parent Information and Resources (CPIR) has been adapted from CPIR’s original RDA guide for Parent Centers so that it can be used by parent leaders and advocates. The guide gives an overview of results-driven accountability (RDA); what RDA means for States, parent leaders, advocates, and children with disabilities; […]

Parents for Healthy Schools: A Guide for Getting Parents Involved from K–12

(November 2015) Useful to Parent Centers in working with parents and getting them involved in the school nutrition environment and services; physical education and physical activity; and managing chronic health conditions in schools. The purpose of this guide is to explain how the resources for Parents for Healthy Schools can be used with and for […]

Parent and Family Engagement Provisions in the Every Student Succeeds Act

(January 2016) | Useful to Parent Centers in identifying and using best practices in engaging families and establishing partnerships with the families they serve. The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) serves as the latest reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 (ESEA) which was last reauthorized in 2002 as the No Child […]

CCSSO Guide for Stakeholder Engagement in the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)

(June 2016) The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) offers states an opportunity to develop or refine a strategic vision for education to chart their own path forward. It also requires extensive outreach and engagement efforts, and CCSSO has released a stakeholder engagement guide , Let’s Get this Conversation Started, to help states engage with stakeholders to […]

Tools That Empower Spanish-Speaking Parents

Links updated, July 2017 A resource page for Parent Centers Compiled by Myriam Alizo, CPIR Download this page as an adaptable, accessible Word document Many Parent Centers provide information and training to Spanish-speaking parents of children with disabilities. In fact, in the last year, more than 27% of the families served by Parent Centers received their services in Spanish. CPIR […]

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